Cooking Pasta for a Party Featured Image

Cooking Pasta for a Party

One of the easiest and most versatile foods in our pantry is pasta. It’s a terrific vehicle to get just about any other flavor, sauce, vegetable or meat into our mouths. And, when it comes to entertaining, pasta should be at the top of our go-to list of foods for those very reasons! Instead, most of us pass on the idea because cooking a lot of pasta and keeping it perfectly al dente, not to mention hot, doesn’t ever seem to work. Until now. Read more about Cooking Pasta for a Party

Thanksgiving Entertaining

Thanksgiving Entertaining

What’s on the menu for Thanksgiving?

At The Spice & Tea Exchange®, we love to incorporate unexpected flavors in our holiday recipes to break from the norm! Whether cooking for a formal dinner or just in need of some food for the big game, we have the right recipes to keep your guests coming back for more! Read more about Thanksgiving Entertaining

Chef Stefans Thanksgiving Tips and Ideas

Chef Stefan’s Thanksgiving Tips & Ideas

Chef Stefan prepares us for the holiday season with Thanksgiving tips and ideas!

For a Flavorful Turkey

Homemade stock reduction with butter for basting. If you are a baster, then how about arming yourself with an intense flavor packed basting liquid?

Try: In a saucepan, combine 4 cups of vegetable stock, 8 Tbs. of butter and a complimenting Spice Blend, such as Herb Turkey Rub, English Roast Rub, or Lamb & Pork Seasoning. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until your basting liquid has reduced by at least half. This will intensify the flavors. As you baste, the liquid will combine with your bird’s drippings and add additional flavor. Read more about Chef Stefan’s Thanksgiving Tips & Ideas

Quick Pickling for the Holidays

Quick Pickling for the Holidays

Quick pickling is a handy little trick to have up your sleeve, especially when vegetables are abundant or rich and spiced foods are on the menu. It’s fast (sometimes as quick as 15 minutes) and if you have a few of The Spice & Tea Exchange®’s most popular blends on hand, you can create a variety of pickling liquids to match just about any meal you’re serving up. Read more about Quick Pickling for the Holidays