The Ultimate Snack: Chia + Cacao + Moringa Superfood Powder


Still need a gift for your favorite wellness-lover on your list? This Peppermint SuperBark™ is the ULTIMATE superfood snack, packed with three wellness essentials: chia, cacao, and moringa powder, a trending superfood.

Featuring a dark chocolate base with naturally colored peppermint pieces and sweetened with keto-friendly erythritol and stevia, making it a delicious and healthful way to indulge – without the [traditional sugar] “crash.”

What is SuperBark™? And What is Moringa Superfood Powder?

This gluten free and plant based, SuperBark™ is a superfood snacking chocolate made from chocolate liquor, a Kuli Kuli™ proprietary blend (organic cacoa nibs, organic moringa powder, organic black chia seeds, crisped quinoa, breadfruit flour), candy cane pieces, and more!

Its key ingredient, moringa, is a tropical super green known to be more nutritious than kale. Moringa is trending as the fastest growing green supplement, catching up to spirulina and wheatgrass – and outselling matcha! Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is making news for potential benefits in supporting immunity.


Where Does Moringa Come From?

Moringa is made from the leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree and is among the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. Referred to as the “Tree of Life,” moringa grows in tropical and subtropical regions of India, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where it can develop as a hedge or a tree that can reach up to 30 feet tall. Its powder is made by finely grinding cut and dried leaves.



What Are Moringa’s Benefits?

Moringa powder is known for its ability to give any recipe a nutritious green boost of caffeine-free energy. Often used in smoothies and oatmeal – or sipped as a tea, it is a great addition to the morning routine.

Moringa powder and Peppermint SuperBark™ are gluten free, plant based, and keto friendly. Moringa has been enjoyed for centuries and is well known in ayurvedic medicine for holistic wellness properties – and more recently, for immune-boosting and energizing properties.

Rich in antioxidants, it shares comparable anti-inflammatory benefits like turmeric. Moringa may support: regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol; it is also being studied for its role in gut health.



About The Spice & Tea Exchange
® & Kuli Kuli™

The Spice & Tea Exchange® & Kuli Kuli™ became partners in 2021 to create a decadent Peppermint SuperBark™ packed with superfoods. This product provides all the flavor you are used to from The Spice & Tea Exchange® paired with the superfood benefits of Kuli Kuli™’s moringa powder. Find the Peppermint SuperBark™ at one of the 85+ The Spice & Tea Exchange® locations across the country or at To learn more about Kuli Kuli™, the leading moringa superfood brand in America, visit

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