Girl Scout Cookie & Tea Pairing 101

Do you know a Girl Scout? If you’re the mother, grandmother, aunt or another special woman in the life of a proud Girl Scout, then you’re certainly familiar with the delicious cookies these budding entrepreneurs sell every year!

Why not turn your cookie purchase into a fun and memorable experience you can enjoy with your special young lady? Host a Girl Scout Cookie Tea for just the two of you and you’re sure to bond during this special time together.

Types of Girl Scout Cookies to Pair with Tea

To help you prepare for your tea, we’ve compiled a list of Girl Scout Cookies and the teas to pair with them.If you’re wondering what flavors of Girl Scout Cookies go best with different teas, check our recommendations below.

Girl Scout cookies and tea

1.Thin Mints

These crisp wafer cookies have been a fan favorite for decades! With their delightfully strong chocolate mint flavor combination, you’ll want a tea that’s strong enough to match the intense flavor of this cookie.


Tea to Pair With:

Mint Basil Herbal Tea is a deep brew that’s both sweet and refreshing. The perfect match for Thin Mints!

Mint Basil Herbal Tea         Mint Basil Herbal Tea looseleaf



Another favorite, caramel, dark chocolate and toasted coconut combine to create these fascinatingly flavorful cookies. You’ll need a strong tea that can hold its own against the powerful punch of flavor that Samoas deliver.

Tea to Pair With:

What better to go with these delightful coconut cookies than Coconut Oolong Tea? If you love coconut, this cookie and tea combination will become a staple.

Coconut Oolong Tea       Coconut Oolong Tea Loose Leaf



Rich, peanut butter patties are a dream come true for those who love the classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter. This cookie needs a savory tea to balance out all of its sweetness.

Tea to Pair With:

Our rich Black Chocolate Tea with natural chocolate flavoring is the perfect dessert tea. Its smooth chocolate flavor goes exceptionally well with these chocolate peanut butter cookies.

Black Chocolate Tea     black chocolate tea Looseleaf


Shortbread cookies are the trusted staple for having with tea. While Trefoils go well with a variety of teas, they add a nice sweetness to a black tea that contains fruity notes.

Tea to Pair With:

The bold, fruity flavor in our Blueberry Black Tea is the perfect complement to these shortbreads.

Blueberry Black Tea    Blueberry Black tea Looseleaf


Gotta love these good, old-fashioned peanut butter sandwich cookies! While they aren’t as sweet as the Tagalongs, they still have a lot of sweetness that does well when paired with a savory tea.

Tea to Pair With:

Hazelnut Cookie Tea is a rich Ceylon Black tea with a delicious toasty hazelnut flavor that enhances the flavor of these cookies.

Hazelnut Cookie Tea   Hazel Nut Cookie Tea

6.Savannah Smiles

These crisp, lemony cookies are dusted with powdered sugar. A citrus-flavored tea is a lovely complement to the strong lemon flavor of these cookies.

Tea to Pair With:

Aurora Blue Herbal Tea boasts a lovely combination of citrus, ginger and floral notes that perfectly balance out the bold lemon flavor of Savannah Smiles.

Aurora Blue Herbal Tea  Aurora blue herbal Looseleaf Tea

7. Toffee-tastic

These gluten-free, buttery toffee cookies are a perfect companion to tea. They go well with a variety of teas but need a tea that’s rich enough to stand up to their sweetness.  

Tea to Pair With:

The vanilla, cream and light citrus notes in our Earl Grey Crème Tea beautifully balance out the sweet toffee flavor in these cookies.

Earl Grey Creme Tea     Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

8.Girl Scout S’mores

These cookies are a fun representation of on activity Girl Scouts love doing – making s’mores by the campfire! If you love the classic combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker, you’re sure to love it in cookie form too.

Tea to Pair With:

S’mores and crème brulee. Need we say more? Crème Brulee Tea delivers a nutty, caramel richness that’s even more heavenly when enjoyed with these cookies.

Creme Brulee Tea   Creme Brulee Loose Leaf Tea

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