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Here at The Spice & Tea Exchange®, we are serious about our yerba mate! That’s why we are introducing a fabulous new product, a gourd and bombilla set for sipping one of our invigorating blends of yerba mate. Yerba mate is a species of Holly plant that looks similar to an evergreen tree and can grow taller than 20 feet! The leaves of the yerba mate plant are harvested and steeped like tea to make a caffeinated beverage similar to coffee. It is best enjoyed with a gourd and bombilla. For those of you who don’t know what a gourd and bombilla are, they are utensils used in a traditional method of drinking yerba mate that dates back thousands of years and has existed all over the world. From Argentina to the Middle East and even Poland, mate has been enjoyed across cultures for centuries with a gourd and bombilla ceremony.

Traditionally, drinking yerba mate out of a gourd and bombilla is a ceremony that is meant to be shared amongst in a community. You sip the yerba mate from the gourd with the bombilla, then you pass it to the person next to you, and so on until the mate is gone. One major rule of sipping mate that was established by South American cultures is to not move the bombilla or the straw in the gourd until the mate is gone. This is to prevent stirring the mate while drinking it, as some cultures believe that stirring compromises the integrity of the drink.

Simply sipping your mate from the gourd and bombilla elevates drinking mate and allows it to be an experience shared by the ancients. Mate is a great caffeine alternative to coffee, leaving you less jittery but just as energized. Incorporating the gourd and bombilla ceremony into your morning routine is a great way to be present and to appreciate every sip while starting your day. The gourd and bombilla set makes for a thoughtful gift because of the intimate symbolism that exists within the drinking ceremony.

Mate can be consumed hot or cold, and several health benefits exist in both forms. Many cultures mix their mate with herbs, spices, and fruits to add different flavor components. Our mate varieties feature a range of flavor blends, and we encourage you to find your favorite. However you enjoy your yerba mate, it is important to remember that the experience of drinking mate is about slowing down and meditating on the authentic drinking experience. From all of us at The Spice & Tea Exchange®, we hope you enjoy every sip!


Try the Gourd and Bombilla & Our Awesome Mate Blends!


Gourd & Bombilla Set

Unique and hand-crafted, this Gourd & Bombilla Set is essential for both the new and experienced mate enthusiasts.




Yerba Mate Tea

100% organic and delicately hand-picked in Brazil for a full-bodied and flavorful mate.




Copacabana Mate Tea

A bright and revitalizing mate with hints of tropical flavors and lemongrass for a crisp sip.



Lemon Drop Mate Tea

A lively blend that combines notes of lemon, green tea, yerba mate, and matcha for a blast of energy.



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