Be Your Own Bartender - Cocktail Recipes

4 Must-Try Cocktails This Summer

  Learning to Be Your Own Bartender might not be on your summer bucket list now, but after checking out these delicious cocktails, it sure will be! In the first of a series, our Mixologist partner, Meaghan Leonard, Head Bartender at local hotspot Orsay’s in Jacksonville, Florida takes you through your paces as you learn […]

Red, white and blue-berry! Popsicle recipes.

Red, White & Blue-berry Popsicle Recipes

Nothing screams summer like a cold, sweet, and delicious popsicle. With over 2 billion popsicles being sold each year, it’s safe to say that this is one popular dessert! Popsicles are the perfect way to cool off in the summer, and with so many different flavors and varieties, there is so much to love! The […]

Natural Uses for Tea

Fun & Environmentally Friendly Ways to Use Tea in Your Yard

One of the reasons, many choose to plant their own garden, is to enjoy the freshness of the produce, cut the costs of purchasing produce, and/or to have control over what goes into it. However, it’s an added cost and can be an environmental hazard to purchase and use fertilizers and/or pesticides to grow and maintain your garden.

Luckily, we (and our fellow tea lovers), have much of what we need in the palm of our hands (or mug). 

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New You

Tea Is…LIFE – 12 Months To a New You

Tea can mean so many different things to different people. It can mean wellness, by drinking the tea with certain ingredients known for specific health properties. It can mean tradition, when sitting down with a glass of ceremonial matcha, such as in tea ceremonies. It can mean love, such as sharing a hot cup with your significant other to catch up and relax after a long day. All these reasons and more are why tea can be a very significant and yet simple way to add joy into your everyday life this year. Read more about Tea Is…LIFE – 12 Months To a New You

Wellness Teas You NEED In Your Life

Wellness Teas You NEED In Your Life

If you go back 50 years from now, most people drank tea for enjoyment, relaxation, or simply because they enjoyed the taste. With the recent wellness movements, many have begun drinking teas for its health benefits. Whether you choose to drink tea based its ingredients and their effects, as a substitute for processed or sugary soda/other beverages, or simply to relax for a minute…one thing’s for sure…no matter why you do it, it can make a very positive impact on your life and your health! Read more about Wellness Teas You NEED In Your Life

5 Teas to Help You Power Through Your Next Workout

5 Teas to Help You Power Through Your Next Workout

Written by Guest Blogger: Jesse Silkoff, President and Co-Founder of FitnessTrainer

When you’re in the groove, your workout can be exhilarating—nothing makes you feel more powerful and strong than crushing those reps! But there are times when you could use a little pick-me-up: a natural, safe cure for the workout doldrums. That’s where these teas come in. 

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Bluebery Tea-Lemonade

Blueberry Tea-Lemonade

Often times pre or post workout, at the beach, while doing yardwork, or during other strenuous or hot activities, the main thought that takes over your mind is thirst! However, then the question remains as to what your optimal choice for rehydration is. Water? Tea? Juice? Sports drinks? Soda?

Luckily, the popular Arnold Palmer® beverage, makes the choice easy for us because it combines two of our favorites; lemonade and tea! Read more about Blueberry Tea-Lemonade

Southern Iced Tea

Southern Sweet Iced Tea ~ 6 Ways To Add Your Favorite Flavor Twist

The perfect cup of tea for the summertime. A day out in the garden. A relaxing day poolside. A quick morning run along the beach. With the sun beating down, the scorching heat of the summer requires a little extra effort to stay cool. Luckily, a cold glass of refreshing Southern Iced Tea can do the trick! 

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National Martini Day

National Martini Day

The famous elixir of Madison Avenue’s glam ad men and femme fatales, the martini may pack more mystique than any other American cocktail. You just can’t drink a martini without feeling stylish, polished, and a little bit naughty. June 19’s “National Martini Day,” with its mid-summer arrival, is the perfect cool antidote to hot days […]

Sparkling Ginger Marrakesh Mint Julep

Sparkling Ginger Marrakesh Mint Julep

The mint julep is the traditional drink of the horseracing derby culture, and it’s easy to see why…what’s better than a sporting event paired with a traditional Southern cocktail? Of course, the juleps don’t stop when the race is over. The mint julep is a warm weather favorite for all kinds of entertaining—or even for just sitting on the porch for a spell. Read more about Sparkling Ginger Marrakesh Mint Julep