Best Back to School Care Packaging Items for Tea Lovers & Foodies

Do you have a college student who loves tea? Whether it’s his or her first year of college or they’re getting ready to head back for another year of school, send them off with a thoughtful college student care package that will show just how much you love and care about them. 


If you’re looking specifically for tea gift ideas, you’re in the right place. We know there are plenty of college students who love drinking tea, whether it’s to get up and go first thing in the morning, to enjoy during a well-deserved break in between classes, or to sip as part of a relaxing evening ritual. 


Top College Student Care Package Ideas for Tea Loving Students


Below are our top care package ideas for college students who love tea. You’ll find that we’ve also included some non-tea items because, as much as we’d love it if we could survive on tea all day long, your student will also need to have food!




We carry a large selection of quality loose leaf teas in a variety of flavors. From traditional teas such as Chamomile, Darjeeling and Earl Grey to more exotic flavors like Blood-Orange Smoothie, Hazelnut Cookie, and Peach Turmeric, you’ll find the perfect blends for your student. 


Include a combination of some of your student’s favorite blends and some additional ones for him or her to try.





Our tea cleanse kit includes specially selected teas, spices, herbs and botanicals that can help support wellness. Starting off the new school year with this invigorating daily tea cleanse will help get your student back into the groove of school.  





We all know how hectic the schedules of college students can be. A travel tea tumbler is a must-have item, as it will enable your student to easily tote their tea to class, work and anywhere else their day takes them, keeping their beverage hot or cold for up to 1 hour. 



  • Sriracha Ramen Noodle Bowls Recipe Kit


Ramen noodles have long been a popular quick and easy dinner option for many college students. Encourage your students to elevate their ramen noodle dishes with this delicious recipe for Sriracha Ramen Noodle Bowls


Package up our Ginger Teriyaki Spice Blend, Sriracha Sauce Powder and the other non-perishable ingredients in this recipe, along with a copy of the recipe, and you’ll gift your student with a go-to dinner they’ll love making and eating often.




Give your students a reason to prepare their own food instead of relying on fast food restaurants by giving them a variety of our Chef to Table Recipe kits. Each one includes a seasoning kit and recipe, making it easy for your college student to have fun creating appetizing recipes while simultaneously expanding their palate. 




College students love to munch on snacks and appetizers when hanging out together, whether in a study group or watching a movie. With a variety of our specialty blends and seasonings on hand, they’ll be able to make shareable dips, snacks, and appetizers that come together quickly and that they (and their friends) will devour.


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