Rim-tastic Daiquiris

Rim-tastic Daiquiri & Margarita Rims

Whether you are celebrating National Daiquiri Day, a holiday, or just enjoying poolside, daiquiris make a cool choice for summer get-togethers! Daiquiris are loved for their simplicity (often just rum, lime juice, ice, fruit, and sugar) and vivid colors. Transforming your daiquiri into a glamorous (and impressive) cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. Read more about Rim-tastic Daiquiri & Margarita Rims

Fall Togarashi Inspiration

Fall Togarashi Inspiration

Togarashi Pronunciation: toh-guh-RAH-schee

We get a multitude of questions every week asking about our products and their flavorful uses. Many of our blends and rubs are all-purpose seasonings that can be used in a variety of ways. Our Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend is quite the chameleon of spice blends, serving purpose in both traditional and Asian-inspired dishes. Its flavor profile has recently emerged as a trending flavor around the world…but it isn’t new to the culinary scene. Read more about Fall Togarashi Inspiration

Pumpkin Pepitas – Capturing Fall Flavors

Pumpkin Pepitas – Capturing Fall Flavors

Capturing the Flavor of Fall 
As soon as summer ends, it seems like the air is instantly filled with smell of pumpkin pie. It’s warm and inviting; it feels like home. Being at home and back in the kitchen after summer vacation is a good thing! Especially when Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend is in your pantry. It’s a tasty little blend that, yes – works for pumpkin pies, cakes, and cookies – but is also a great seasoning base for a lot of other cooking and baking applications. Read more about Pumpkin Pepitas – Capturing Fall Flavors

Fall Flavors for Coffee & Tea

Fall Flavors for Coffee & Tea

Want to add some rich fall flavor to your coffee or tea– without the added syrups you’ll get at large coffee chains? If you’re looking for an alternative to the annual “pumpkin spice” beverages, and want to create your own at home, The Spice & Tea Exchange® is the perfect place to shop for fall flavor! Below are a few recommendations to get you started on your own fall concoction.

Read more about Fall Flavors for Coffee & Tea

Herb Sesame Hot Sauce

Herb Sesame Hot Sauce

Who doesn’t love a great hot sauce? With so many flavor options available, if you’re a fan you’ll end up with a pantry full of them. We prefer to keep things simple and whip up a batch of seasoned hot sauce whenever we need it. This master recipe is easily adjusted to match whatever you’re cooking up!  Read more about Herb Sesame Hot Sauce

Mexican Rice Salad with Adobo Shrimp

Mexican Rice Salad & Adobo Shrimp

Simplicity. We crave it in the kitchen and there are some blends in the The Spice & Tea Exchange® pantry that make cooking so easy. The Spice & Tea Exchange® Adobo Spice Blend is one of those blends! It’s what gives Mexican flavor to this simple rice salad, and is the star ingredient in the incredibly versatile Adobo dressing below. Read more about Mexican Rice Salad & Adobo Shrimp

Talking Togarashi Spice Blend

Talking Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend

How to use this Japanese All-Purpose Seasoning Like a Pro:

Ask any professional cook what they use to make flavors pop and they’ll almost always answer “salt.” Ask a Japanese cook how to give that same kind of kick to foods that might be fried, or grilled, or mixed in with noodles and broths, and chances are they’ll say, “togarashi.” Read more about Talking Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend

2016 Global and Ethnic Flavor Trends

2016 Global & Ethnic Flavor Trends

What do the top 2016 culinary trend prediction lists and newly released products in the food industry have in common? Flavor, flavor, and more FLAVOR!

In a market full of new recipes, food products, and restaurants, one group of flavor profiles has continued to stray from the typical and stand out amongst the rest—ethnic flavors. Offering a new and exciting world of exotic flavors, as well a chance to partake in a culinary adventure from areas across the globe, ethnic flavors provide the unique sensory experience for which foodies yearn. Read more about 2016 Global & Ethnic Flavor Trends

Easy Turkey Brining

Easy Turkey Brining ~ Using The Spice & Tea Exchange® Bird Brine

Ready for a tender, juicier, more flavorful holiday turkey without a ton of extra work? With just a few quick steps and a convenient seasoning blend, All-Purpose Brine Seasoning takes your turkey from ho hum to fabulous! Read more about Easy Turkey Brining ~ Using The Spice & Tea Exchange® Bird Brine