What Is Coffee Leaf Tea?

Now trending — coffee leaf tea appeals to both coffee bean and tea lovers alike! It’s completely different in its make-up and produces some amazing teas with unique benefits and flavor. Only becoming readily available recently, here’s a little more information on what exactly coffee leaf tea really is, its caffeine content/wellness benefits, and how to find some to enjoy!


What is Coffee Leaf Tea?

Coffee leaf tea is an herbal infusion made from handpicked leaves of the Arabica coffee plant. The leaves are picked in the off-season of the coffee bean harvest; coffee leaves are a healthy and delicious by-product that provide year-round jobs to coffee farm communities in Nicaragua.

What Does Coffee Leaf Tea Taste Like?

Coffee leaf tea does not taste like coffee! The flavor is comparable to (Chinese) green tea with gentle roasted notes and a lightly sweet finish. It contains no tannins (naturally occurring compounds in tea that can create bitterness and astringency if steeped too long) – making it a breeze to prepare since it consistently delivers smooth and balanced flavor.


Caffeine Content in Coffee Leaf Tea & Wellness Benefits

Coffee leaf tea is mildly caffeinated, containing about 20 milligrams per 8 ounces. The energy it provides is akin to that from tea – steady, heightened alertness and focus, and without the energy “crash” of traditional coffee. It’s also high in antioxidants and polyphenols, known for combating inflammation and supporting healthy blood pressure levels.

Where Can I Try It?

The Spice & Tea Exchange carries the brand new Mocha Truffle coffee leaf tea that blends coffee leaves, rich Dominican cocoa shells, and a touch of caramel to create a smooth, full-bodied cup with creamy chocolate notes and a lightly sweet finish. Try this amazing chocolately version at a store near you or at spiceandtea.com.


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