The Spice & Tea Exchange to Leverage Marketplace Growth Opportunities


Since it began franchising in 2008, The Spice & Tea Exchange has naturally allured guests into becoming franchisees with its 18th Century trading post décor, charming atmosphere and robust aromas. Over the last eight years, the franchise has grown into a leader in the specialty-retail market, offering an array of seasonings, spices, loose leaf teas, salts, sugars, gifts and accessories, to an increasingly food-conscious consumer market. By the end of this year, The Spice & Tea Exchange will open 6 new stores and expects to continue expansion at a steady pace in 2022.




To facilitate growth, a new leadership team spearheaded by CEO Amy Freeman and COO Penny Rehling, have already taken initial steps to introduce initiatives designed to leverage growth opportunities.

Both Freeman and Rehling have played an integral role in building The Spice & Tea Exchange since its inception.

“We see tremendous opportunity for the brand in terms of growth and scope,” Amy Freeman said. “It’s an exciting time for us and our new and existing franchisees. Every new initiative introduced will be designed with our franchisees’ success in mind.”

As CEO, Amy Freeman will focus her efforts on providing an innovative strategic vision for the organization. She has provided critical leadership to the company since its founding with a focus on franchise sales and development. Her former experience affords her unique insight into franchise ownership and the composition of the company as a whole.

With unrivaled passion for the company, Rehling will ensure that the brand’s mission of “Creating & Sharing the Experience of a More Flavorful Life” continues to be honored as a core component of everything the company does.

“The Spice & Tea Exchange prides itself on being an experience-based store. It is a place where our guests are allowed hands-on interaction with quality spices and teas. Our guests have the opportunity to open the jars and smell, which invokes all of their senses,” Rehling said. “Whether guests are advanced cooks, beginners, new to teas or loose leaf enthusiasts, our knowledgeable and trained team members can assist their needs.”




Amy Freeman notes that the outlook remains strong for store profitability and system growth based on heightened consumption of global spices and teas and a high value placed on positive, in-store experiences.

“Millennials and the country as a whole are cooking with more unique and natural spices and drinking more loose leaf tea than ever before,” she said. “It’s a great time to be us.”


About The Spice & Tea Exchange®

The Spice & Tea Exchange® was founded in 2008 with a vision to create a one-of-a-kind retail shopping experience. The company has 80+ franchise stores across the United States, providing guests with more than 140 spices and 85+ exclusive hand-mixed blends, naturally-flavored sugars, salts from around the world and 50+ exotic teas. For more information, visit

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