Thanksgiving Turkey – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Your Thanksgiving turkey can be as easy as 1,2,3…just clean, rub, and bake!

Whether you’re brining your turkey, or simply baking, we have flavorful blends that take the hassle out of turkey prep and deliver plenty of flavor—giving you more time to spend with your family Thanksgiving day.

TurkeyIf you don’t plan to brine your turkey prior to baking, with the help of seasonings, turkey preparation can be reduced to three easy steps:

  1. CLEAN and prepare your turkey for baking
  2. RUB lightly with butter or oil and your seasoning of choice. (Click here to be taken to our hand-picked “Bold Turkey Blend” ideas for seasoning your turkey this year).
  3. BAKE as directed.

Bold Turkey Blends

 *A Twist on Tradition: Combine flavor profiles to create a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving turkey. We recommend pairing warm flavors with earthy blends to create a savory turkey that everyone will enjoy. Pictured (above) is a turkey rubbed with a mixture of our English Roast Rub and warm Zahtar Spice Blend. The warmth of sumac combines with the herbal flavors of thyme, onion, and rosemary to create a not-so-common seasoning for your festivities! With our seasonings, there are no rules!


If you DO plan to brine your turkey prior to baking, a Bird Brine kit can make it quick and easy. Keep in mind that while it is not a necessity, brining is great for adding additional flavor and moisture to your turkey.

Bird Brine

*Bird Brine Seasoning (pictured above) includes all the ingredients (other than the turkey) you’ll need for brining your turkey as well as easy instructions…resulting in a delicious, moist, flavor-filled turkey!

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