Fall Togarashi Inspiration

Fall Togarashi Inspiration

Togarashi Pronunciation: toh-guh-RAH-schee

We get a multitude of questions every week asking about our products and their flavorful uses. Many of our blends and rubs are all-purpose seasonings that can be used in a variety of ways. Our Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend is quite the chameleon of spice blends, serving purpose in both traditional and Asian-inspired dishes. Its flavor profile has recently emerged as a trending flavor around the world…but it isn’t new to the culinary scene. Read more about Fall Togarashi Inspiration

Talking Togarashi Spice Blend

Talking Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend

How to use this Japanese All-Purpose Seasoning Like a Pro:

Ask any professional cook what they use to make flavors pop and they’ll almost always answer “salt.” Ask a Japanese cook how to give that same kind of kick to foods that might be fried, or grilled, or mixed in with noodles and broths, and chances are they’ll say, “togarashi.” Read more about Talking Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend