Slow Cooker Smokehouse Brisket

Slow Cooker Smokehouse Brisket

In my experience, nothing says summer’s coming like the mouth-watering aroma of freshly-smoked beef. One whiff and you’re ready to knock off work, open a beverage, pull up a patio chair, and settle in. Smokehouse briskets take time—which is a huge part of the appeal. You can’t rush smoked brisket, but you can bring the great taste (and smells!) of the traditional outdoor smokehouse indoors with this clever slow-cooker recipe. Read more about Slow Cooker Smokehouse Brisket

Sausage Making

Tuscany Blend Homestyle Chicken Sausages

Who doesn’t love the idea of making your own sausage?  That is, of course, until you consider that most recipes want you to grind your own meat and stuff your mixture into hog casings!  It’s an investment not only in time, but equipment and resources!  Well, never has it been so easy to make just about any kind of meat sausage, without a meat grinder, without a sausage stuffer, and without having to track down hog casings! It’s easy, actually pretty fast, too.  But when you mix in Tuscany Spice Blend for seasoning, your results are nothing short of super-delicious.
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Talking Togarashi Spice Blend

Talking Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend

How to use this Japanese All-Purpose Seasoning Like a Pro:

Ask any professional cook what they use to make flavors pop and they’ll almost always answer “salt.” Ask a Japanese cook how to give that same kind of kick to foods that might be fried, or grilled, or mixed in with noodles and broths, and chances are they’ll say, “togarashi.” Read more about Talking Togarashi Pepper Spice Blend