Spicy Gifts for Your Valentine

Here at The Spice & Tea Exchange®, we LOVE to share our love for food! With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to show your love. Whether it is for a significant other, family member, a friends, etc., we have gifts that are sure to please your favorite foodie! Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with these gifts from the heart.
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Make your honey’s day

These samplers contain essentials for creating delicious honey infused with a variety of flavor options! Just add ingredients to a jar of honey for an infused honey that adds flavor when drizzled on top of meats, cake, ice cream, breads/toast, and even into hot tea!

(Pictured left to right: Chocolate Cinnamon Honey Sampler, Creamy Floral Honey Sampler, Sweet BBQ Honey Sampler)

Chocolate Cinnamon Honey SamplerSweet BBQ Honey Sampler





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Add a little sugar

These samplers introduce flavored sugars that are sure to tempt your significant other’s taste buds! Try them on ice cream; on desserts; rim drinks with them; or add a special touch to your coffee!

Sugar Sampler Gourmet Sugar Sampler









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Spice things up

If your significant other loves the taste of wine or simply wants to spice up his or her favorite dish, these crates full of spices are the perfect match!

Mini Grinder Crate Wine Lover's Deluxe Crate









(Pictured left to right: Mini Grinder Crate, Wine Lover’s Deluxe Crate)

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Be their perfect cup of tea

Whether they are new to tea or a tea connoisseur, these two of our favorite tea gifts are hailed by tea lover’s alike!

TSTE Urban Tea TumblerSweet Sips Crate









(Pictured left to right: TSTE® – Urban Tea Tumbler, Sweet Sips Crate)

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Take Valentine’s Day with a grain of salt

No fear, take the pressure of Valentine’s Day with a grain of salt…with these cute gifts! Perfect for an impressive way to store or serve salt.

Salt Pot Petite - Heart Salt Spoon Mini - Heart









(Pictured left to right: Salt Pot Petite – Heart, Salt Spoon Mini – Heart)

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