Savory Flavor; Truffles vs. Mushrooms

Mushroom Paradise Spice Blend. Bold. Hearty. Robust. As it is one of our most unique spice blends, it leads you to wonder exactly what’s in it. What gives this blend its savory flavors?

Accents of mustard, onion, pepper, wine power, parsley, shallots, and salts, all make up this robust seasoning, but two items give ultimately provide it with its “mushroomy” flavors; Mushrooms and Black Truffle Sea Salt. However, what’s the difference other than salt? Are mushrooms and truffles not the same thing? How are they different?

Mushroom vs. Truffles

While often thought to be one and the same, mushrooms and truffles have different uses in the culinary world. Truffles are technically a type of mushroom as a result of their spore bearing properties.

The biggest difference between mushrooms and truffles is their availability and growth conditions. Mushrooms are readily available at most farmer’s markets and supermarkets as they can be grown pretty much anywhere. Truffles grow under more specific conditions (depending on their type) and as a result, are harder to grow & find, as well as more expensive.

Mushroom Paradise Spice BlendIn terms of flavor, mushrooms have a much milder & less bold flavor than truffles. For this reason, they are preferred in dishes for their versatility while truffles stronger flavor yields them the better option in smaller pieces as a garnish/topping or used to flavor oils/salt/etc. used in the dish.

  • Example of mushroom uses: raw – sliced and eaten or added on top of a salad, sautéed in a stir fry, added to an omelet or quiche.
  • Example of truffle uses: minced or shaved on top of a savory dish, used to make truffle oil which is then drizzled on a salad, used in truffle oil to make truffle fries, truffle mac & cheese, or truffle popcorn.

Add UMAMI to your dishes with Mushroom Paradise Spice Blend.

Still can’t decide whether to use mushrooms or truffles? Mushroom Paradise Spice Blend makes things easy! Mushrooms and truffles are combined at the ideal amounts with just the right touch of seasonings, in order to add savory, umami flavor to almost any dish of your choosing!

Mushroom Paradise BurgerDelicious ways to use Mushroom Paradise Spice Blend include:

  • On burgers: Mix 2 TBS Mushroom Paradise per 1 lb of burger mix for intense sautéed onion appeal.
  • In gravy: Stir in 1-2 tsp Mushroom Paradise to any finished pan gravy to accentuate roast beef, steaks, chops, or poultry.
  • To season meatballs & meatloaf: Add 2 TBS Mushroom Paradise per pound of beef, pork, or poultry for fantastic seasoning.
  • For a flavored bread dipping oil: Mix 1 TBS Mushroom Paradise per ¼ cup of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Serve with crusty Italian bread as an easy appetizer.

…and much, much more!

Mushroom Paradise Recipes

Haven’t had enough mushroom/truffle flavor?! Try out a few of our chef’s favorite dishes, incorporating just the right amount of truffles, mushrooms, and seasoning.

Mushroom Paradise Recipes

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