Popcorn Seasoning- An Introductory Blend For Kids

It’s amazing how kids react to food! Whether it be flavorful or bland, they seem to already have their minds made up. Today, we’d like to share a story without about one of our favorite blends at The Spice & Tea Exchange─ Popcorn Seasoning!reid_popcorn_seasoning_gateway_blend

Meet Reid, a four year old who like many his age will turn their nose up to anything unless its macaroni and cheese or a hotdog. At least, that was the case until his parents tried something with one of his favorite snacks…POPCORN.

Cheesy_popcorn_2015_tste_instaReid’s father, Jesse, works for us at The Spice & Tea Exchange®. Over the years, he and his wife Caitlyn have tried to sneak more refined confections and flavors on to Reid’s plate. However, most attempts have failed. Reid would notice the small fragments of spices and instantly push his food aside. Sometimes if it was something he liked, he would taste it, and then decide he didn’t like the flavor anymore.

That was the daily routine until one night his parents decided to try our Popcorn Seasoning on popcorn─ one of Reid’s favorite snacks. He was hesitant at first, but he tried one kernel, and said “Mmmm!” After that he couldn’t get enough of it. He wanted it on everything!

He wanted it on broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, and anything put in front of him.

Popcorn SeasoningPopcorn Seasoning was like a “Gateway Blend” for Reid,” Jesse explained. He started to explore the spice cabinet and ask questions about all the blends, salts, and sugars and sampling all on his own request. He really loved all the new flavors!

Now he’s an eating machine, a lot less picky and far more adventurous to try new things. Recently Reid passed a milestone when he ate alligator tail; something he would have never tried and enjoyed before. And at dinner time he picks out something from the spice cabinet (although he can’t read what he is grabbing) just so he can add a little flavor to his plate.

Caitlyn and Jesse used Popcorn Seasoning to introduce their picky eater to some new flavor. What are some ways you get your picky eater to try new things? We would love to hear them! Give us your feedback in the comments below.

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