Perfectly Pickled Party Platters

Have extra vegetables from your final warm-weather harvest or your fall harvest? DIY your own party tray with our quick pickled condiment & vegetable recipes; a flavor-filled, colorful approach to party snacking! The beautiful tones of these pickled condiments and veggies adds color and nutritional value to an otherwise bland party tray!

Perfectly Pickled
What’s the Deal with Quick Pickling?

Pickling can be a time-consuming process that requires special equipment and careful attention. If you’re looking to add generous flavor to your veggies and condiments in a short amount of time, quick pickling is the perfect solution! Quick pickles (often called refrigerator pickles) can be made in just a few hours and enjoyed the same day! Quick pickled items make excellent additions to appetizer plates, charcuterie boards, and antipasto platters.

How Do I Quick Pickle?

Select your desired vegetable from our pickling recipe selection.

Prefer a different flavor or veggie combination? These recipes work great interchangeably, or for other veggie options. Just prep the vegetable as directed and use the pickling liquid/spice combination from one of the other recipes.

How Do I Use My Pickled Vegetables and Condiments for a Party Tray?

Perfectly Pickled Party Platters

Quick-pickled veggies make a great addition to appetizer plates, charcuterie boards, and antipasto platters! The “Perfectly Pickled Party Platter” below uses all of the pickled recipes listed above, however, feel free to use only the ones you deem fit or the pieces of this party platter that you like, to DIY your own creative platter! The pictured “Perfectly Pickled Party Platter” creation includes:

  • Add a couple wedges of blocks of cheese (for crackers)
  • Add some Pickled Spiced Asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto
  • Add some extra sliced meats for (snacking and crackers)
  • Add some crackers. Top with cream cheese and vegetable relish or leave plain for guests to create their own mix
  • Add some vegetables options; we added some Coastal Dilly Beans
  • Add toothpicks, knives, and cheese slicers as needed
  • Dice several pickled vegetables and condiments and mix them together for a vegetable relish. Add some mixed relish into cream cheese for a cracker spread. Add some salsa for crackers as well. Enjoy!

How Else Can I Used My Perfectly Pickled Condiments and Vegetables

Add a pop of color and flavor to burgers, sandwiches, salads, tacos, and much more!

Don’t Forget

The one common denominator for all of the Perfectly Pickled Condiments & Vegetables is a good Pickling Spice! Use Pickling Spice Seasoning to make your own variations of flavorful pickled condiments, vegetables, corned beef, and more.

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