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Blackberry Salted Caramel Brownies

July 5

Blackberries mingle with warm gooey brownie and TSTE® Chocolate Sea Salt to make a divine dessert. Lightly dusted with TSTE® Salted Caramel Sugar, these brownies are a decadent summer treat.

Blackberry Salted Caramel Brownie_tste


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Crisp Coastal Salad

July 3

Enthrall your senses with the spicy-cool sensations of TSTE® Coastal Blend combined with a kick of TSTE® Habanero Sugar. This fresh shrimp salad features crisp spring greens, accentuated by garden vegetables and topped off with a spicy, yet smooth vinaigrette. 

Crisp Coastal Salad_tste


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Mint Tea Infused Ice Cream

July 1

 “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!” :-D

Creating your own ice cream is actually easier than you may have ever thought. Celebrating National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, we thought it would be appropriate to share a recipe infused with our favorite teas and sugars. Simply taking a base of vanilla ice cream, we added a concentrate of our tea and topped it off with some flavored sugars.

It is a quick and easy dessert that will let your creativity run wild! Our creative flavor for National Creative Ice Cream Flavor day is Marrakesh Mint Green Tea ice cream topped with our Lemon and Strawberry Sugars. Check out how easy it really is to make your dream ice cream flavor come true!


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Perfect Chocolate Tart

June 28

This is a variation on my super-easy, fantastic looking fruit tart and the perfect chocolate fix the end of a summer cookout.  It’s easy, luscious and rich, and my go-to dessert when I want to impress. The dessert needs about 3 hours to set up at a cool room temperature, so plan ahead.  I like the flavor of the deep nutty flavor of TSTE® Bourbon Black Walnut Sugar in the pastry crust, but you can substitute the crazy delish new TSTE® Banana Split Sugar.  It’s the perfect summer match for the chocolate ganache.



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Loaded Corn on the Cob

June 26

Combine those early days of summer, a grill, dad and you’ve got some memorable meals in the making.  We used Mexican street food to inspire this over-the-top delicious spin on grilled corn on the cob.  Let dad pick his favorite barbecue blend and have at it.  You can substitute mayonnaise, or a combination of mayonnaise and Greek-style yogurt in place of the butter if you’re worried about the butter burning under the intense heat of the grill.

We stop with the addition of cheese, but your imagination is the limit.  Load these cobs up with as many toppings as you can manage (think roasted peppers, jalapenos, smoked lettuce, maybe even a scoop of chili!)  Messy?  It sure is, but the taste is oh, so worth it.  You can change up the flavors as often as you change your spice blends!

Grilled Corn on the Cob TSTE

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The Perfect Rib Rub

June 24

Ribs are the best excuse to fire up the grill on a beautiful summer day. For the upcoming 4th of July celebration, Chef Donna shares what the best rubs are for smoky, hot/spicy and sweet ribs available at The Spice & Tea Exchange. Let your taste buds guide you to your desired flavor for the perfect summer festivities meal.



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Berbere Avocado

June 19

Today we are featuring a new blend that boasts a little bit of heat and a lot of flavor. This new The Spice & Tea Exchange® blend is exciting and worth some time exploring.  We find this Ethiopian blend works deliciously in rotation with your other “all-purpose” seasonings. You can use them where you would typically use salt and pepper to season foods. With Berbere, you get a solid hit of heat, and a robust complexity of flavors that love earthy vegetables, gamey meats and anything that’s got a bit of creaminess or tang to it.
Let us introduce you to BERBERE   :-D  


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Homemade Tortilla Chips

June 16

I always thought a tortilla chip had one purpose and that was to deliver salsa, or a delicious scoop of guacamole, to my mouth.  And usually, once the dip was in my mouth, I didn’t much care for the chip anymore.  That is, until I tried making my own tortilla chips. Fresh chips are delicious, flavorful, and as much a part of the taste experience, whatever your dip.  :lol:


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June 13

June 13, 2014

Libby Breivogel
The Spice & Tea Exchange®



Newport, RI—The Spice & Tea Exchange® of Newport has moved to a new location on historic Thames Street. “Come In and Smell the Spices!®” and discover a delightful, interactive shopping experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Spiced Up S’mores!

June 12

Cherish the day and have fun creating gooey and delicious s’mores with everyone in the family!

 Today, we’ve posted a great idea that gets everyone involved. For the kids or grand-kids, we’ve included a few recipes that appeal to their sweet tooth; and for those who like things spicy, we’ve also suggested some options to make a s’more recipe with a bit of a kick!

 However you choose to spice it up, there’s something in these s’mores for everyone. So, gather the kids, and get started.

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Flash Chill Iced Tea

June 10

Don’t waste your time waiting for your iced tea to brew overnight! Flash Chill your tea in minutes
for a perfect ice-chilled glass…

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Macaroons Made Easy: Classic French Macaroons

June 4

If your favorite classic macaroon is the French pastry, then this recipe is for you. In our last blog post, we made some scrumptious Classic Coconut Macaroons. This time around, we’re going to venture into the French world of flavor. There are so many ways to make French macaroons, we had to narrow it down to a few ideas. Follow along, and you’ll be making delicious French macaroons in no time!

Classic French Macaroon Cookie Sandwich

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Macaroons Made Easy: Classic Coconut Macaroons

June 1

Classic macaroons. There’s nothing like them. Just utter the word “macaroon” and watch the line form! Whether you think classic – as in shredded coconut snowball (or pinched pyramids) or classic – as in French almond and meringue cookie sandwich – this is not an easy cookie to master. Until now. 

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Egg “Frittata” Casserole

May 23

Weekend guests? No need to fret or fuss when it comes to breakfast. Go from a handful of ingredients to a satisfying meal in about 20 minutes.


When it comes to breakfast, we think easier is better. While technically this recipe is a casserole, you can cook it in a skillet so it comes out of the oven looking like a frittata – only you didn’t have to mess with multiple pans… flipping ingredients. Read the rest of this entry »

Fish Two Ways

May 14

Making Fish Two Delicious Ways: Cornmeal Fried Catfish Bites and Potato Crusted Baked Fish Sticks with Cajun “Rémoulade”

Fish Two Ways from Chef Donna and Fox 43

If you’re looking for just a few more ways to prepare fish, this one recipe provides a lot of options. Choose your breading – either cornbread mix or potato flakes, then your cooking method, either pan frying or oven baked, and you’re on your way to a delicious meal. The “rémoulade” sauce features a kicked-up little Cajun Spice Blend available from The Spice & Tea Exchange®, and though not a classic rémoulade, it’s as easy and delicious as it gets. (Rémoulade is a simple mustard-flavored mayonnaise spiced with garlic and pepper.) For your Perfect Pairing, The Vineyard at Hershey Gewürztraminer is a great aromatic wine. This is the perfect counterpoint to the spiced seasonings layered on the mild fish.

Watch me prepare it on Fox 43:

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

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