Himalayan Salt Platters & Grater Stones

Himalayan Salt Platters and Grater Stones make unique presentation pieces in the kitchen! Salt Platters can easily be turned from a gourmet serving tray into a hot grilling surface, and Grater Stones are a fun way to add salt to meals!Himalayan-Salt-Platter-8in-Sq.
While both have different uses in the kitchen, they all are harvested from the ancient Himalayan Mountain Range of Western Asia. Created from what was once a large inland sea, ancient sea salt deposits were covered with volcanic lava, helping create this beautiful rosy colored salt.

Himalayan Salt Platters

Yield: 2 servings Total Time: 45 mins Prep: 35 mins Cook: 10 minsWhen serving hot or cold, use salt platters for food preparation, salt-curing, and table presentation. Place food directly on the platter—cheeses, fruit, dried meats, hors d’oeuvres, and more! The foods will pick up a delicate, salty flavor.

Salt platters can also be used for cooking. Heat the salt platter (in an oven up to 400°F, on a grill, or on a stove) and place food directly on the hot surface. Lightly sear scallops, shrimp, or thinly sliced meats—right at the table! This makes for an exciting and impressive display at parties and small gatherings.

Alternatively, salt platters can be used to prepare ice cream, sorbet or frozen desserts! Put your salt platter in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Remove, then place ice cream or dessert directly on the platter to mix in toppings and serve.

Cleaning & Care

Wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth and dry completely with a paper towel after each use. The salt’s natural antimicrobial properties eliminate the need for detergents or other chemicals. This process removes a very thin layer of the salt, but the salt platter can still provide dozens of uses.

To preserve the longevity of the product and for safety precautions, allow wet platters to dry at least 24 hours in a warm, dry place before heating. Do not allow the platter to come in direct contact with the heating element or flame; and unless completely cooled, handle with oven mitts.

Himalayan Salt Grater Stones

icroplane Soft Touch BlackWhile salt blocks are great for preparation and presentation, grater stones are best used for finishing or during the cooking process to grate salt directly onto food. Pass it around or personally grate salt onto your guests’ meals!


Himalayan salt is antimicrobial, so it won’t harbor bacteria. Keep it on your kitchen counter within reach!

Get Started!

Himalayan Salt Platters are available in The Spice & Tea Exchange® stores! Visit our locations to choose one of our unique salt platters. Due to their fragile nature, we do not ship from our web store.

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