Herb Sesame Hot Sauce

Who doesn’t love a great hot sauce? With so many flavor options available, if you’re a fan you’ll end up with a pantry full of them. We prefer to keep things simple and whip up a batch of seasoned hot sauce whenever we need it. This master recipe is easily adjusted to match whatever you’re cooking up! 

Herb-Sesame-Hot-SauceThis Herb Sesame Hot Sauce is amazing drizzled over fried fish or shellfish, or served alongside any white flaky fish as a dipping sauce. You can also use this sauce as a base to other condiments.  Make a delicious little cocktail sauce for your peal ‘n eat shrimp by mixing some of the hot sauce with ketchup. Delish! Or, combine with mayo to make an herb and spice sandwich spread.

Use this as a dipping sauce, basting sauce, or finishing sauce; just make sure you add the butter (or olive oil).  The herbs and seasonings need it to bloom and release their flavors and aromatics.

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
2 TBS Herb Sesame Spice Blend
1 tsp Vik’s Garlic Fix
10-12 grinds Pirate’s Bite Spice Blend
½ tsp Habanero Sugar (or to taste)
(Substitute Sweet Onion Sugar if desired)

From the Grocer
1 cup hot sauce (such as Crystal® brand)
2 TBS butter


COMBINE all the ingredients in a medium sauce pan over medium low heat.
WHISK occasionally until butter melts and mixture is just coming to a simmer. Remove from heat and let cool, whisking occasionally.
REFRIGERATE in an airtight container until ready to use. Use as a dipping sauce, basting sauce, finishing sauce, or as a condiment. Amazing drizzled over fried fish or shellfish, or served alongside any white flaky fish as a dipping sauce.


Cilantro Hot Sauce: This screams summer!  Substitute Cilantro for the Herb Sesame Blend. Use on hot wings, in place of Chimichurri sauce for a delicious hot twist, or as a dipping sauce for fried fish.

Vik’s Garlic Fix Hot Sauce: Substitute Onion Obsession for the Vik’s Garlic Fix, and then use the Vik’s Garlic Fix in place of the Herb Sesame Spice Blend. Marinate chicken, pork or beef, and grill!

California Veggie Hot Sauce: Substitute California Blend for the Herb Sesame Spice Blend. Use as a finishing sauce or condiment for vegetarian dishes.

Yield: 1 cup sauce
Total Time: 10 mins
Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 5 mins

Making Herb Sesame Hot SauceMaking Herb Sesame Hot SauceMaking Herb Sesame Hot Sauce






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by Chef Donna Desfor

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