Garlic…Oh Heavenly Garlic…

One of the most ubiquitous spices in the world. We use it on or in just about everything and when cooking with fresh garlic, its oh-so-familiar smell ends up hanging around on our hands as well. (Quick tip- after working with fresh garlic, rub your hands on a stainless steel faucet or appliance door handle, instantly neutralizing most garlic, onion, and fishy odors).

Garlic…Oh Heavenly Garlic…Garlic and I have a love hate relationship. I love the flavor, but the lingering after effects just don’t love me. That’s why my go-to for daily garlic use is Vik’s Garlic Fix! Spice Blend. It’s everything garlic should be. Bright and intense, spicy yet straight forward.

Vik’s Garlic Fix! Spice BlendYou see, garlic has a naturally occurring compound called allicin. When garlic is cut or crushed, allicin is released, causing the strong hallmark smell of garlic. It’s also the reason garlic gets somewhat sticky when cut or crushed. That’s where Vik’s Garlic Fix! Spice Blend come in handy. Since it’s a dry custom spice blend, there’s no stickiness, but keep those breath mints handy, because this is one bold all-purpose blend!

Garlic Roasted Sausage and Vegetables Its robust flavor of garlic, shallots, chives, black pepper and a touch of salt, blends perfectly in our Garlic Roasted Sausage and Vegetables recipe. Or simply add Vik’s Garlic Fix! Spice Blend and Italian Herb Spice Blend to 12-16 oz. of cream cheese, sour cream, or any combination of the two for a quick Garlicky Herb Dip.

Thai Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry Add an extra kick of garlic flavor with our Asian inspired Thai Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry with coconut rice recipe. Don’t forget to add it to everyday dishes like chicken, pizza, eggs, burgers, soups, or sautéed with shrimp for a killer scampi.

So the next time you reach for the garlic, go ahead and shake on the Vik’s Garlic Fix! Spice Blend. It’ll be your next best friend, as it’s certainly Dracula’s worst enemy.

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