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From salads to dips, dolloped on a baked potato, and baked onto chicken or even pizza; there isn’t much you can’t do with ranch dressing. There are some great bottled dressings on the market, but why not take a few minutes and DIY? Here is our favorite ranch dressing recipe with a few options to create flavorful alternatives.

Ranch DressingOur Classic Herb Ranch Dressing is super simple to make, requires only a few ingredients, and only takes a couple of minutes. It’s highlighted by our cool and bright Coastal Spice Blend and fresh Herbal Garden Spice Blend.

Start with mixing together in a bowl, ½ cup each low-fat buttermilk and low fat Greek yogurt and 2 TBS. light mayonnaise. Add in 2 TBS. Coastal Spice Blend and 1 tsp. Herbal Garden Spice Blend (about 20 grinds). 1 TBS. chopped shallots, ¼ tsp. Himalayan Fine Mineral Salt, and 1 TBS. fresh lemon juice, stirred into the mix, will pull everything together. Transfer the dressing to a sealed container and place in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes and you’ll have yourself a classic fresh Ranch!

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Sriracha Sauce Powder
Sriracha Sauce Powder

*Care to give your ranch dressing a “south of the border” twist? Replace Herbal Garden Spice Blend with 2 tsp. Southwest Spice Blend.
*Sriracha is all the rage these days. Add 1-2 tsp. of Sriracha Sauce Powder to our classic Ranch Dressing Recipe, for a spicy dipping sauce or condiment.
*For a down-home flavor, stir 1 TBS. Smoked BBQ Rub into our classic recipe, for a great pairing to chicken tenders or baked potato skins. You can even spread on chicken breasts and bake in the oven, for a creamy BBQ chicken bake main dish. There’s no shortage of ideas and flavors, to create & share, for the love of ranch.

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Quick Recipe: Classic Herb Ranch Dressing

From The Spice & Tea Exchange®
2 TBS. Coastal Spice Blend

1 tsp. Herbal Garden Spice Blend (about 20 grinds)
¼ tsp. Himalayan Fine Mineral Salt
From the Grocer

½ cup low-fat buttermilk
½ cup low-fat Greek yogurt or sour cream
2 TBS. light mayonnaise
1 TBS. fresh lemon juice
1 TBS. fresh chopped shallots or red onion

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate 30 minutes to 1 hour, to allow flavors to fully develop.

Yield: 1¼ cup
Total Time: 35 minutes
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 0 minutes
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