Everything Ham & Cheese Wrap

 This Everything Ham & Cheese Wrap is named for one of our favorite and versatile blends- “Everything Bagel” Spice Blend!

Yes, we said bagel. This unique blend of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and other flavorful ingredients is a great addition to dressings, whipped breakfast toppings and sandwiches.


From The Spice & Tea Exchange®:
2 TBS “Everything Bagel” Spice Blend, or to taste

From the Grocer:
4 oz mayonnaise, or mayonnaise substitute

Deli sliced ham, to taste
Deli sliced provolone cheese, to taste
Romaine lettuce, pieces to taste (optional)
12” whole grain tortilla wraps



Begin by mixing 2 TBS “Everything Bagel” Spice Blend with the mayonnaise. Spread one tortilla wrap in front of you.
Spread the mayonnaise mixture generously.
Top with ham slices, cheese, and optional greens.
Starting on one side, roll tortilla halfway. Fold in both ends towards the middle. Roll once again.
Using a spoon, add additional mayonnaise mixture along the inside of the wrap, to act as glue.
Roll closed. Slice. Enjoy or refrigerate!

*4 oz mayonnaise mixture yields enough dressing for approximately 4 wraps; depending on your use

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