Comfort & Wellness Teas

The winter months can be calming, peaceful and pristine. They’re the perfect time of the year for your favorite hot teas, comfort foods, and warm soups.

Comfort and Wellness TeasHowever, a lot of time spent cooped up paired with cold temperatures can mean sick time or moments where you’re just plain fed up with the cold! Luckily, whether you’re battling the snow, a cold, or are just plain freezing, a cup of hot tea can make for the perfect remedy…

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Comfort & Wellness Teas

Whether you’re hoping to fight ailments, consume healthier drinks, need a cup of comfort, or are just plain freezing, these teas contain ingredients such as mint, ginger, turmeric, licorice root, chamomile, and more; all of which are commonly known for their comforting properties when consumed.

Comfort and Wellness Tea Spills

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Caffeine-Free Options

Ginger Turmeric Herbal TeaGinger Turmeric Herbal Tea
Ginger and select spices give depth and structure to this intense, yet balanced, herbal tea. The blending of turmeric and ginger is an ancient combination of flavors.
Ingredients: organic ginger root, organic licorice root, organic turmeric, organic lemongrass, organic orange peel, essential lemon and orange oils.

Chamomile Twist Herbal TeaChamomile Twist Herbal Tea
Made from a unique blend of citrus, chamomile, flowers, and mint, this soothing herbal tea is great for night-time and calm afternoons.
Ingredients: organic lemongrass, orange peels, organic rosehips, chamomile flowers, hibiscus flowers, spearmint, organic lemon balm, natural citrus flavoring.

Cinnamon Plum Herbal Tea Cinnamon Plum Herbal Tea
Rich with currants, hibiscus, and hints of plum, this herbal tea also has notes of cinnamon and licorice root.

Ingredients: organic cinnamon, organic hibiscus flowers, organic currants, organic licorice root, natural plum flavor.

Options that Contain Caffeine

Marrakesh Mint Green TeaMarrakesh Mint Green Tea
A refreshing blend of gunpowder and green tea mixed with organic spearmint. Its crisp flavor also makes for an invigorating iced tea.

Ingredients: green tea, organic mint.

Sweet MatchaSweet Matcha
Our Sweet Matcha is pure Japanese green tea harvested from shade-grown bushes. Stone-ground into a fine powder and combined with milled cane sugar, the delicious Sweet Matcha comes in a 4.4 oz bag. Try a Sweet Matcha latte, or substitute it for sugar in your cookie or other baked goods recipes.

Ingredients: cane sugar, Japanese matcha green tea.

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