Citrus & Salt; Add a Zesty KICK

The pairing of citrus and salt, is a very famous combination in the culinary world. While there are other non-food uses for citrus and lime, such as DIY cleaning products and nutritional aids (like detox or rehydration beverages), one of the main reasons citrus and salt is so famous in the culinary world is due to the notorious salt + tequila + lime.


Salt Lime Tequila The Science of Citrus + Salt

Salt + tequila, followed by lime, is a popular technique used to neutralize the bitter taste and bite of low-quality tequila. The technique begins with licking salt, taking the tequila shot, and then biting the lime. However, there are many debates as to where this technique originated, what the proper order is, and if it even works. According to many of those who do believe and swear by this technique, the salt lessens the burn of the tequila while the sourness of the lime enhances its flavor.

Whether you find that it works for you, this technique has a very simple culinary base. Lime is often used to enhance and/or add flavors to a dish, while salt can reduce bitterness. Many times, both salt and lime (or other citrus) are added simultaneously; the citrus providing flavor while the salt neutralizes the bitterness of the citrus. While exact details are unknown, many scientists believe that salt actually diminishes our tongue’s ability to detect bitterness.


Add Chiles for a KICKMexican Flavors

Touching on this technique, Chile Lime Sea Salt proves the fabulous flavor benefits of the pairing of lime & salt and adds a KICK with several types of chiles. While this sea salt is a beautiful representation of Mexican flavors (chile & lime), the possibilities for its usage are endless.


Chile Lime RimmerCreate Culinary Marvels with Chile Lime Sea Salt

One way that the flavor of Chile Lime Sea Salt really excels is in fish & seafood. It can be sprinkled on stop of fresh grilled fish, chilled cooked shrimp, steamed mussels, and ceviche! Stir ¼ tsp into a ¼ cup of melted butter to perk up the flavor of lobster tail and cracked crab. It can also be sprinkled on raw fruit, popcorn, and into salsa and dips to enhance flavor and add a kick.

Another delicious dish, is Mexican Corn on the Cob. Coat each raw shucked cob with ¼ tsp Chile Lime Sea Salt, 1 TBS mayonnaise, 1 TBS butter, and 2 TBS crumbled Cotija cheese. Wrap in aluminum foil and roast at 400°F for 15-20 mins, or until cooked through.Mexican Corn on the Cob

Don’t forget the most classic use of Chile Lime Sea Salt: a unique drink rimmer; perfect for bloody Mary, margarita, and mojito rims! Whatever you choose to use it for, Chile Lime Sea Salt provides a unique culinary experience.


Chile Lime Recipes

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