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Grilling with Spices

August 16

Check out Grilling with Spices by the Taste Spot!


Cookies, Cupcakes, and Truffles with Herbal Teas

December 28

Looking for a great way to use your herbal teas from The Spice and Tea Exchange?  Chef Donna Desfor demonstrates how she uses TSTE’s Cinnamon Plum Tea to make cookies and cupcakes, and TSTE’s White Rose Tea to infuse chocolate truffles.

A Visit to The Spice & Tea Exchange of St Augustine

October 2

Spice and Tea Exchange brings zest to Wisconsin Ave.

September 28

Spice & Tea Appetizers with TSTE of Portland

September 23

JeremyCooks at The Spice & Tea Exchange

September 22

A Quick Tour of The Spice & Tea Exchange of Winter Park

September 22

Live in Boca Raton

August 19

Guerrilla Cuisine

August 19