Bluebery Tea-Lemonade

Blueberry Tea-Lemonade

Often times pre or post workout, at the beach, while doing yardwork, or during other strenuous or hot activities, the main thought that takes over your mind is thirst! However, then the question remains as to what your optimal choice for rehydration is. Water? Tea? Juice? Sports drinks? Soda?

Luckily, the popular Arnold Palmer® beverage, makes the choice easy for us because it combines two of our favorites; lemonade and tea! Read more about Blueberry Tea-Lemonade

Southern Iced Tea

Southern Sweet Iced Tea ~ 6 Ways To Add Your Favorite Flavor Twist

The perfect cup of tea for the summertime. A day out in the garden. A relaxing day poolside. A quick morning run along the beach. With the sun beating down, the scorching heat of the summer requires a little extra effort to stay cool. Luckily, a cold glass of refreshing Southern Iced Tea can do the trick! 

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National Martini Day

National Martini Day

The famous elixir of Madison Avenue’s glam ad men and femme fatales, the martini may pack more mystique than any other American cocktail. You just can’t drink a martini without feeling stylish, polished, and a little bit naughty. June 19’s “National Martini Day,” with its mid-summer arrival, is the perfect cool antidote to hot days […]

Sparkling Ginger Marrakesh Mint Julep

Sparkling Ginger Marrakesh Mint Julep

The mint julep is the traditional drink of the horseracing derby culture, and it’s easy to see why…what’s better than a sporting event paired with a traditional Southern cocktail? Of course, the juleps don’t stop when the race is over. The mint julep is a warm weather favorite for all kinds of entertaining—or even for just sitting on the porch for a spell. Read more about Sparkling Ginger Marrakesh Mint Julep

Hot Tea Brewing - Brew a Quick Cup

Brew a Quick Cup of Tea with Tea Mug Infusers

As the winter continues, it can be difficult to follow to find the motivation to follow through with our New Year’s resolutions, our day-to-day tasks, and everything we had planned to get done by the end of the month! Luckily, tea can help us accomplish a lot of these things. Read more about Brew a Quick Cup of Tea with Tea Mug Infusers

Earl Grey Crème – What is Bergamot? Featured Image

Earl Grey Crème – What is Bergamot?

Whether it’s a hot cup of Earl Grey Crème Tea, or preparing a luxuriously sweet and comforting London Fog Tea, there’s no mistaking its unique flavor. Bergamot oil. Bright orange citrus notes, with spiced undertones.

Sure, it imparts bright crisp flavors, but how? And what is it? Read more about Earl Grey Crème – What is Bergamot?

Fall Flavors for Coffee & Tea

Fall Flavors for Coffee & Tea

Want to add some rich fall flavor to your coffee or tea– without the added syrups you’ll get at large coffee chains? If you’re looking for an alternative to the annual “pumpkin spice” beverages, and want to create your own at home, The Spice & Tea Exchange® is the perfect place to shop for fall flavor! Below are a few recommendations to get you started on your own fall concoction.

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Sweeten Iced Tea

Sweeten Iced Tea

Prefer your freshly-brewed loose leaf tea a tad on the sweet side? The Spice & Tea Exchange® offers a wide variety of sweeteners for use in your tea! Carrying over 30 exotic teas and over 18 naturally-flavored sugars, there is something sure to satisfy every taste bud! Follow the steps below to begin making the perfect sweet tea. Read more about Sweeten Iced Tea