Brew a Quick Cup of Tea with Tea Mug Infusers

As the winter continues, it can be difficult to follow to find the motivation to follow through with our New Year’s resolutions, our day-to-day tasks, and everything we had planned to get done by the end of the month! Luckily, tea can help us accomplish a lot of these things.

Steaming Cup of Tea in Team MugIts acclaimed health benefits and naturally low (or non-existent) levels of sugar can help reach New Year’s health goals, its caffeine content can help keep us going and motivated, and its comforting properties can help keeps us warm and calm throughout!

Many non-tea drinkers can be reluctant to take the plunge into the world of tea, as from an outside perspective it seems like a lot of work. However, with the right tools, brewing a cup of tea can be done quickly and easily. Once of our favorite mugs (with a built-in infuser) helps make tea in just a few simple steps.

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Make your hot tea brewing simple!Brew a Quick Cup of Tea

  1. Remove infuser and add hot water.
  2. Add infuser filled with tea.
  3. Steep.
  4. Remove infuser to lid when done.
  5. Enjoy!

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Still not getting the perfect cup of tea?

If you followed the steps above and still aren’t getting you cup of tea to taste just right, here are few additional tips you can try:

  • Use filtered water
  • Make sure you follow the suggested steeping instructions (time of brewing, temperature of water, and amount of tea). If you are using tea from The Spice & Tea Exchange®, these are listed on both the website and tea’s label.
  • Select the right kind of tea for your personal taste preferences. Minty, fruity, citrus, dessert, chai/spiced, etc. There are many different flavor profiles available!

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