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Why wait all year to fill the house with the smell of delicious cookies and baked goods when you can make these easy recipes with the whole family now? Our Bake with Love week is all about getting in the kitchen with your kids and making delicious memories. Kids of all ages will enjoy both the making and eating of these yummy recipes!


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Bake with Love Together

Just like we mentioned in our previous post, 10 Tips for Getting Kids in the Kitchen, no age is too young to enjoy cooking with mom and dad and baking is a great way to start. Even the baby will love ‘helping’ to roll out dough or stir, and older kids will enjoy trying out their own flavor ideas with simple recipes, like adding chopped cherries or coconut flakes to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Encourage their creativity, even if it seems way out there. Since they can add anything they want to their own cookie (or two), you can even let them try crazy combinations without worry of messing up the batch. Give them half a cup of dough and let them add whatever they want. They will get a kick out of hearing you say ‘okay’ when they ask to put spaghetti noodles and marshmallows in their cookies and will gain confidence with their cooking as they experiment.

Baking is science, after all! Make a memorable day of it by playing mad scientist and seeing what crazy ideas everyone can come up with, mom and dad included! Just remember to make some that you know will taste good. Mad scientists have to eat, you know.

As a reminder, go over these simple rules with your kids and repeat, repeat, repeat!


  • Always ask an adult’s permission before cooking in the kitchen
  • Wash your hands before cooking and after handling any raw ingredients or touching anything you wouldn’t want in your food (like your boogers)
  • Always Be Cleaning (ABC) Cleaning as you go prevents slippery floors and shortens cleaning at the end, so you can enjoy your meal!
  • Use a hotpad, potholder or towel to hold or carry hot items
  • Practice Knife Safety – Check out this link to detailed tips.
  • Ask before you lick! No one wants to get sick from raw eggs or other ingredients.
  • Use your listening ears – Listening to instructions keep everyone safe!


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Ready, Set, Bake!

 Baked with love - baking together

Now that we’ve gone over the safety tips, we’re ready to get baking! Try one of our simple, kid friendly recipes below or use one of your own favorites. Pick up our featured products at 20% off online and in participating stores from August 20th – 26th!


grandmas secret ingredients gift box


Grandma’s Secret Ingredients Gift Box 


Grandma always added a little bit of “love” to her cooking. Use Grandma’s Secret Ingredients to add her special touch to your favorite baked goods and indulge in a slice of sweet memories!

Includes: Apple Cinnamon Crisp Sugar (1.5 oz), Salted Caramel Sugar (1.5 oz), Baker’s Secret Mini Grinder (1.2 oz), and Nutmeg – Ground (1 oz).


calling all chocoholics gift box

Calling All Chocoholics 


Whether it’s for a drink rimmer, to add flavor to your coffee or tea, or to add the perfect baked goods topper, the secret ingredient is always chocolate! Indulge in the choco-favorites in Calling All Chocoholics…because you can never have enough chocolate!

Includes:  Dark Cocoa Sugar (1.5 oz), Chocolate Sea Salt (1.5 oz), Peppermint Patty Sugar (1.5 oz), and Black Chocolate Tea (1 oz).




gourmet sugar sampler

Gourmet Sugar Sampler 


This sampler introduces three naturally flavored sugars that are sure to tempt your taste buds! Try them on ice cream; sprinkled on baked desserts; or add a special touch to your tea and coffee!

Includes: Bourbon Black Walnut Sugar (1.5 oz), Peppermint Patty Sugar (1.5 oz), and Salted Caramel Sugar (1.5 oz).

spicy sugar cookie toppers

Spicy Sugar Cookie Toppers 


Spicy Sugar Cookie Toppers provide the perfect touch of sweet & spicy for the avid baker. Roll cookie dough in sugar & powder mixture prior to placing on a baking tray or sprinkle atop warm sugar cookies after removing from the oven and get ready for some heat in the kitchen!


Includes: Ancho Pepper Powder (1 oz) and Mango Habanero Sugar (1.5 oz).


sweet sugar cookie toppers

Sweet Sugar Cookie Toppers 


Sweet Sugar Cookie Toppers indulge a baker’s sweet tooth with a double hit of sweet, sweet baking heaven. Roll cookie dough in sugar & honey mixture prior to placing on a baking tray, or sprinkle atop warm sugar cookies after removing from the oven and enjoy!


Includes: Honey – Granulated (1 oz) and Salted Caramel Sugar (1.5 oz).


Tropical Sugar Cookie Toppers 


Tropical Sugar Cookie Toppers give your baking a chocolaty tropical touch with delicious Coconut Sugar and Natural Cocoa. Roll cookie dough in sugar + cocoa mixture prior to placing on a baking tray, or sprinkle atop warm sugar cookies after removing from the oven and bask in the tropical flavor!


Includes: Cocoa – Natural (1 oz) and Coconut Sugar (1.5 oz).


Bake with Love Using One Of Our Yummy Recipes

Created with kids in mind, these recipes are both simple and delicious! Give them a try or create your own Family Fun recipe ideas!

Salted Caramel S’mores Bites

Salted Caramel Smores Bites

Warm and delicious Salted Caramel S’mores Bites are baked to gooey perfection. Our Salted Caramel Sugar creates a luxuriously swe

et caramel filling with just a touch of salt, and our Baker’s Secret Spice Blend lends that special something to take these delicious treats right over the edge into heavenly delight!

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange

Baker’s Secret Spice Blend (Grinder), to taste

Salted Caramel Sugar, to taste


From the Grocer

9 whole graham crackers

6 TBS butter, melted

¼ cup powdered sugar

2 – 7 oz milk chocolate bars, divided

1 bag regular marshmallows




PREHEAT oven to 350°F.

PLACE graham crackers in a gallon sized plastic bag. Seal and crush crackers until fine (or use a food processor).

MIX crushed graham crackers, butter, powdered sugar, and 10-15 grinds of Baker’s Secret Spice Blend in a medium bowl. Scoop into a muffin tin (will fill a tin of 12). Press into the bottom of each cup. Bake for 4 mins.

MEANWHILE, break apart the candy bars and cut 18 marshmallows in half (wetting the knife with cool water helps).

REMOVE muffin tin from oven. Add 1 piece of chocolate to each cup.

SPRINKLE liberally with Salted Caramel Sugar. Then, place 3 marshmallow halves on top of the chocolate and sugar

(should fill the tin).

BAKE an additional 1-2 mins or until marshmallows have expanded and are slightly golden. *

REMOVE from oven and cool 15 mins before removing carefully from cups.

MELT leftover milk chocolate and drizzle over the s’mores cups before serving.


*TIP: To achieve a beautiful gold brown top, BROIL for 1 min, or until the marshmallows reach your desired coloring. Be sure to watch them so they don’t burn!


Yield: 12 s’mores bites

Total Time: 26 mins

Prep: 20 mins

Cook: 6 mins


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Blueberry Zucchini Muffins

Blueberry Zucchini Muffins

Warm, gooey blueberries are baked with fresh zucchini and warm baker’s flavors to create a delicious muffin for breakfast, lunch, or snack time! This fruit and veggie muffin is a bit of sweet and savory with an added touch of our Chocolate Sea Salt and Wild Blueberry Sugar to give you that deliciously satisfying flavor you crave!

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange

1 tsp Madagascar Vanilla Extract

2 TBS Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp Baker’s Spice Blend

1 tsp Wild Blueberry Sugar, plus extra for garnishing

¼ tsp Chocolate Sea Salt


From the Grocer

1 ½ cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 cup shredded zucchini, squeezed and slightly dried

1/3 cup pure maple syrup

1 egg

¼ tsp almond extract

¼ cup unsweetened applesauce

¼ cup milk (we used vanilla almond milk for added sweetness)

¾ cup fresh blueberries




PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray, or with paper muffin liners.


IN a small bowl, combine zucchini, maple syrup, egg, Madagascar Vanilla Extract, almond extract, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, applesauce and milk. Mix well.


IN a large bowl, combine the whole wheat flour, baking soda, Baker’s Spice Blend, Wild Blueberry Sugar, and Chocolate Sea Salt. Set aside.


COMBINE wet and dry ingredients until slightly smooth. Add blueberries, and gently mix well.


SPOON mixture into muffin tins, filling about ¾ full.


BAKE for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and check muffins for doneness by inserting a toothpick into the center of a muffin. Muffins are done when toothpick comes out clean. Sprinkle with additional Wild Blueberry Sugar.


COOL for 10-15 minutes before serving. Enjoy!



Yield: 12 Muffins  

Total Time: 35 mins  

Prep: 15 mins  

Cook:  20 mins

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 Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

PeanutButter icecream sandwich

Enjoy this recipe from our Chef Partner, Danielle McNerney of Save The Moms!

Nothing says “yum!” quite like homemade ice cream sandwiches. Most people have vivid memories of running to catch the ice cream truck and licking an ice cream cone while the sweet and sugary treat melts down their hands. That sweet memory is recreated with these peanut butter ice cream sandwiches! While these sweet treats may seem intimidating to make, fear not, they are incredibly simple for such a yummy outcome.

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From The Spice & Tea Exchange

1 tsp Butterscotch Creme Sugar

¼ tsp Chocolate Sea Salt


From the Grocer

2 cups heavy cream

2 ⅓ cup peanut butter, divided

1-14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk

½ cup sugar

1 egg





For Peanut Butter Ice Cream:

WHIP the heavy cream to stiff peaks.

MELT 1-1/3 cup peanut butter in the microwave for two minutes, stirring every 30 seconds.

FOLD the sweetened condensed milk and melted peanut butter into heavy cream.

STIR in the Butterscotch Creme Sugar.

POUR the mixture into a loaf pan.

FREEZE for 6+ hours, or overnight.


For Cookies:

WHISK together remaining peanut butter and sugar until fully combined.

FOLD in the egg until well incorporated.

SCOOP the cookie dough onto a parchment lined baking sheet with a cookie scooper.

PRESS a crisscross pattern into each cookie using a fork.

SPRINKLE the Chocolate Sea Salt onto each cookie.

BAKE the cookies at 350°F for 12-15 minutes.

COOL for 10 minutes.

SCOOP the ice cream onto the underside of one cookie, then press the second cookie, bottom down, onto it, creating a sandwich. Continue until all sandwiches have been made.

FREEZE for 3+ hours

Yield: 6 Ice Cream Sandwiches

logo danielle save the moms


Total Time:  9 hrs 10 mins
Prep: 50 mins
Cook:  15 mins

Freeze: 8 hrs 

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Happy Baking!

Reaching for Cookies

Remember to have fun, be creative and of course, enjoy all those delicious treats! Check out our other posts in the Family Fun Month series, “10 Tips for Getting Kids in the Kitchen”, and “Movie Night Ideas for the Family” for more great family fun ideas and tips.


Happy baking!





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