The Ultimate Snack: Chia + Cacao + Moringa Superfood Powder

  Still need a gift for your favorite wellness-lover on your list? This Peppermint SuperBark™ is the ULTIMATE superfood snack, packed with three wellness essentials: chia, cacao, and moringa powder, a trending superfood. Featuring a dark chocolate base with naturally colored peppermint pieces and sweetened with keto-friendly erythritol and stevia, making it a delicious and […]


Change Your Career and Own a Retail Culinary Business

Sick of that 9-5 daily grind? Have you ever thought about starting your own business, but weren’t sure how? Are you a big foodie at heart, but don’t want to spend the long, tiring hours required in the kitchen to become a chef? Are you into tea and/or wellness, but don’t know enough about it […]


Gluten Friendly Spice Blends and Seasonings

  Here at The Spice & Tea Exchange,® we are allergen-conscious and wellness-focused. For a variety of reasons, many members of our staff are gluten-free, while other allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences are found among our staff as well. We assume the diverse needs and preferences within our spicy little family likely shares similarities with […]


Flavor-Filled Breakfast Board Ideas

What could be better than breakfast ALL DAY?! This list of breakfast board ideas & flavor hacks will take your breakfast board for ordinary to flavor-filled. Up your entertaining game with infused honeys, bacon rubs, and more! What Is a Breakfast Board? Breakfast boards have been made popular by the charcuterie board trend. Charcuterie boards […]

What Is Coffee Leaf Tea?

Now trending — coffee leaf tea appeals to both coffee bean and tea lovers alike! It’s completely different in its make-up and produces some amazing teas with unique benefits and flavor. Only becoming readily available recently, here’s a little more information on what exactly coffee leaf tea really is, its caffeine content/wellness benefits, and how […]


Earl Grey Crème – What is Bergamot?

  Whether it’s a soothing cup of Earl Grey Crème Tea, or a luxurious and comforting London Fog Tea, there’s no mistaking the unique flavor of bergamot. Anyone who is familiar with the iconic black tea blend knows the highly aromatic citrus notes bergamot brings is truly why any Earl Grey-style tea carries that name. What is […]


Meet Your Matcha… Face Mask!

Let’s face it– matcha has a ton of health benefits.  Best known as a powerhouse beverage– it is stocked with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Drinking it improves mental clarity, removes toxins, boosts metabolism, and delivers focused energy. But did you know this green super powder can also support your skin in fighting aging, acne, […]


Cooking with Himalayan Salt

  Himalayan salt is a rosy-colored mineral mined from the ancient sea beds of the Himalayan mountains. Sealed by volcanic lava, the salt remained protected from other elements for 200 million years, preserving its natural flavor. The unique properties of this salt can also help extract flavor and fragrance from the plant cells in fresh […]


The Spice & Tea Exchange to Leverage Marketplace Growth Opportunities

  Since it began franchising in 2008, The Spice & Tea Exchange has naturally allured guests into becoming franchisees with its 18th Century trading post décor, charming atmosphere and robust aromas. Over the last eight years, the franchise has grown into a leader in the specialty-retail market, offering an array of seasonings, spices, loose leaf […]

Tea Fun - Tea Astrology

Tea Fun: What’s Your Tea Astrology Sign?

They say that certain tastes for different types of food can often be attributed to someone’s personality. But, what about your astrological sign? Are you an Emperor’s Chai Taurus or a Sinfully Cherry Libra? Find out and have some tea fun with tea astrology!   Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Tea: Bonita Peach Rooibos […]