A Splash of Paradise

Tropical. Creamy. Smooth. Smooth Pai Mu Tan white tea is blended with the flavors of papaya, caramel, and coconut for a creamy, lightly sweet White Papaya Tea. Add this splash of paradise to your summer in unimaginable ways!


Refreshing, Delicious Ways to #HiyaPapaya

Tropical Island Iced Tea
Tropical Island Iced Tea

White Papaya Tea is our favorite tea this summer for it’s refreshing tropical flavor! Learn some fun ways add this splash of paradise to your summer:

  1. Infuse the flavor into ice cream
  2. Use it in place of black tea for an iced tea lemonade
  3. Use it in a tea cocktail or tea mocktail
    >>Try our White Papaya Tea cocktail >> Tropical Island Iced Tea!
  4. Use to make a frozen granita


How Do We #HiyaPapaya?

Whether we’re sipping White Papaya Tea indoors or outdoors, poolside or patio side, while we’re working or while we’re relaxing, one thing’s for sure…One sip of this tropical dreamy white tea takes us to paradise!

How Do We Hiya Papaya

How Do You #HiyaPapaya?
How Do You Hiya Papaya

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